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double accounts and frauds

Posted By JhonI  2016-06-21 09:16:55
As you know there are too many users having more than one account or managing someone's else account, which is considered as a fraud. 
Amnisty of last weekend was a failure since only 50 users had courage to ask for pardon. 
CEO yesterday took decision together with the main leaders not to ban 50.000 accounts but to give time for a regulation of all people who "didn't understand" that you can't manage someone else account. They have still to discuss for a general agreement in order to pass those important steps and to avoid the honest people to be punished by the binary revision and other recalculation of the frauds. 

Until this recalculation, the withdrawals will be pending and internal transfers not available by that avoiding the frauds to try to save their accounts as they did this weekend.

In order, to facilitate all regions of the world to have possibility to manage its own account Beonpush plan to integrate its own debitcard as main withdrawal channel. And will work on it. 

CEO should announce soon the decisions in agreement with the leaders and the network. 

Have a good day 


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