The "real time bidding" (in English: RTB), also known as RTB, means a new technique of buying and selling of advertising space Display. The transactions are carried out through an auction system in real time via marketplaces also called Ad Exchanges. These scholarships to trade and put human sellers (publishers) that define the minimum price for their spaces and buyers (advertisers) set their maximum prices, all based formats and specific targeting criteria.
In addition to simplify and automate the exchange of billions of data, the RTB offering for advertisers targeting a capacity of real-time impression by impression. The advertiser buys more spaces but of user profiles determined according to data more accurate, including sociodemographic and behavioral. To the editor, it represents an opportunity to enhance its Display offers which tended to deteriorate in recent years.
The RTB becomes over time a formidable marketing weapon associated with the emergence of a mass of increasingly qualified behavioral information. The ultra-targeting and personalization of messages are now possible and completely automated way.

The contrast of the display

Traditional Display ads, not using RTB technology, are struggling to attract advertisers, which evoke the weakness of their click through rate and conversion rate. While investment in real-time bidding represented less than 1% of the funds allocated for purchase Display in France, they should represent 21% in 2015. The RTB and comes to the aid of Display. A report by Rubicon Project (3rd quarter 2012), the French advertisers who invest the most are Zalando, Price Minister, La Redoute and Gaz de France.........................................................